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Culture Shock is an unavoidable part of travel. It is easier to be voyeur, taking in the new sights and people and finding comfort in the familiar. Our culture series is an attempt to expand our knowledge and understand of traditions, events, and way of life of the locals we visit.

Learn more about how people live and how to respect the worlds you are visiting. Helpful tips and insight on how to make the most of your experience and dealing with travel hardships.


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Rice Terrace Wanderings

As if being set in a terrace laced village high in the mountains of Northern Vietnam wasn’t far removed enough already, I venture farther. Beyond the tracks of any road. Beyond the comfortable reach for many of the other daring travellers with whom I made the...


AN EXPLOSIVE GUATEMALAN TRADITION I challenge you to find a more beautiful and exciting Christmas tradition anywhere. What I just observed is unrivalled by any city in any country in the world! Perched up high above the city lights I witnessed the heavens come to...

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