Culture Shock! And The Sorry Complex – Hong Kong

Welcome to the new series that basically named itself! We’ve just landed in a new continent that is about to challenge us in completely new ways. Some will undoubtedly be intriguing and funny little things we’ll have to adjust to. Others will surely be frustrating or... read more

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  • The rust red waters of The tiered jungle falls of Maliau Basin contrast the evergreen grandness of the remote conservation area. Worth the effort spent trekking days into this untouched, unchanged, piece of our earth. #MaliauBasin #maliaufalls #sabah #borneoisland #thelostworld #waterfalls #trekking
  • When I speak about Maliau Basin being like an underwater paradise, these are the images that come to mind: A mushroom that protects itself into maturity by completely enveloping itself inside a jellyfish like creature. There are few places in the so untouched, so wild. Each of them holding untold keys to health and future of our planet. We must protect our world! #natureisbeautiful #earthfocus #awesomeearth #thelostworld #nakedplanet #ourplanetdaily #travelawesome #roadlesstraveled #borneo
  • This is Cowboy. Cowboy is a porter for researchers, officials and tourists crazy enough to come to the Lost World. Cowboy also helps make the meals at basic campgrounds along the way. So one day while I was away swimming at the blood red Maliau falls, Cowboy lovingly decided to treat the group to his local specialty: Wild Ginger sauce. Upon our return, Cowboy's entire left side, head and body was enormously swollen and bright pink with heat. I'll never know what got him out in the jungle but sauce was delightful and he never stopped smiling 😀 #maliaubasin @borneoecotours #sabah #ecotourism #travelgram #travelblogger  #thatface
  • So incredibly delicate. So difficult to capture in its metallic resplendence. • #dragonfly #wildernessculture #awesomeearth #nakedplanet #ourplanetdaily #welivetoexplore #awesomedreamplaces #optoutside #wanderout
  • He sat here deep in thought, barely a foot away. Trusting, comfortable, unbothered. His tummy full after an easy meal at Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary. Sepilok is one of the organizations in Borneo helping to rescue orphaned, injured, caged and threatened Orangutans. At the feeding platform, admirers can come watch them swing in freely if they choose to visit as they journey to full recovery. #orangutan #sepilok #sanctuary #borneo #travelstoke @orangappealuk #wildlifephotography #endangeredspecies #ecofriendly

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